Clinicians, health officials and researchers are interested in the spread of particular variants of HIV in space and time. New technology to make this easy and visually attractive is being developed and EUCOHIV is part of this development.

Starting from HIV typing and subtyping tools (i.e. the Rega subtyping tool), strains can be phylogenetically characterized automatically, both individual strains and batches of strains. When these strains have a known geographic origin and time of sampling, such a strain or set of strains can be phylogenetically displayed on geographical maps, and movies through time can illustrate the spread of clades. Tracking such strains with particular characteristics, such as risk group or tropism, can even provide color coded insight into how these characteristics relate to geographic or phylogenetic spread.

The aim of this GeoCladeTool is to provide on the fly visualization of some of these characteristics, with the possibility to request more sophisticated displays through the website or to be downloaded or sent by email. All of this will be interactive, searching and scrolling within a phylogenetic tree, over geographical maps, and in the time-lapse movie will be possible. We are confident that such a tool will make submission of data very attractive.

We are aware that such analyses can be highly sensitive, you can rest assured that we will abide with all ethical and privacy regulations that will protect your patient.

Your GeoCladeTool team

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