Research projects

The closed dataset is available for research proposals.

The individual contributors will be asked for permission to use their data for each specific proposal.

Proposals for additional analyses of the dataset beyond the primary analysis should be submitted to:

- SC member Maurizio Zazzi at

- and in copy to Francesca Incardona at

Proposals will then undergo a feasibility assessment based on the approximate volume of data available for the proposed study and detection of potential conflicts or synergies with other on-going EucoHIV activities, scientific and ethical soundness. In this phase an informal discussion among the proposal submitter and the Steering Committee will be favoured.

For every proposal the providers of the data will be asked if they want to give their approval to access their own data for that specific proposal. Only with their approval their data will be made available to the principal investigator of the research proposal. This means that any contributing center can deny access to its own data for any reason for a specific request or for all requests.


If there is a major objection to a proposal, from one or more centre, an attempt will first be made to resolve this by email or teleconference.  If this is not successful the proposal will be deferred for discussion at the next meeting of the Steering Committee

If a proposal is approved, pre-agreed fields will be provided from the master database. The time from receipt of analysis proposals to provision of data should be no more than 8 weeks.

Download the EucoHIV proposal form

General information   

Francesca Incardona
CEO EuResist Network


Phone: +39 06 5758926

Research proposals   

Maurizio Zazzi
Department of Molecular Biology
University of Siena



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Data collection       

Anna Maria Geretti
University of Liverpool

Phone: +44 151 7959625

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